The Vaseline Healing Project Indonesia
Vaseline Healing Project Indonesia


Early diagnosis changes lives

Everyone, everywhere deserves healthy, healed skin. Through the Vaseline® Healing Project, our jars go to extraordinary lengths to restore skin wherever it's needed most.

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That day changed our lives forever: Musadah's story

Around the world, serious diseases like leprosy often go untreated because of stigmas and misunderstanding. In Indonesia, the Vaseline® Healing Project ran a diagnostic training course for local medics, and travelled to remote communities to change perceptions about skin health, promoting early diagnosis and changing lives.

Through our mission to East Java, we were able to diagnose several new cases of leprosy in children. Our doctors helped these patients start treatment to fully cure their disease. If they had not been diagnosed, they would have endured terrible disfigurement, and may have been forced out of their village in exile. These cases of early diagnosis have truly and profoundly improved the lives of these patients.

Getting the right diagnosis and the right treatment is hard if you live in a remote community. The Vaseline® Healing Project provided formal training for local medics; promoting better understanding and treatment of skin diseases in rural places.

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Celebrating South African heritage

To celebrate the rich heritage of South Africa, we have created three limited edition Vaseline® Healing Project jars. Choose the one you love the most.

Vaseline Healing Project Limited Edition jar

Vaseline Healing Project Limited Edition jar

Vaseline Healing Project Limited Edition jar

The Vaseline® Healing Project around the world

The Vaseline® Healing Project operates product donation programmes, training courses and medical missions around the world.

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Through the Vaseline® Healing Project we have helped heal the skin of

4,309,137 people

Our target is to help 5,000,000 people affected by poverty or emergencies by 2020.

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