The Vaseline Healing Project Bangladesh
The Vaseline Healing Project

Factsheet: Bangladesh

Learn about the impact of the Healing Project in Bangladesh.

Cox's Bazar mission

Initial mission date: December 2018

  • 1,032 people treated for skin conditions in refugee camp #4, Mudurchara, Ukhiya, at the HOPE Field Hospital. (Mostly Rohingya refugees.)
  • 150 people treated for skin conditions in refugee camp #16, Safiullah Katha / Jamtoli, Ukhiya. (Mostly Rohingya refugees.)
  • 797 people treated for skin conditions at the HOPE Hospital in Ramu, Cox's Bazar. (Mostly local Bangladeshi people.)

Total number of patients treated: 1,979 people, including 1,441 adults and 538 children.

All patients received free care and free medicines to heal their dermatological problems.

Most common conditions treated: Eczema; Tinea corporis; Tinea capitis; Scabies; Dermatitis; Psoriasis; Allergies; Urticaria; Herpes simplex

Approximately 129,000 Vaseline® products contributed to HOPE Foundation for free distribution.

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