The Vaseline Healing Project
Everyone everywhere deserves
healthy, healed skin

The Vaseline® Healing Project is a global aid effort in partnership with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief.

Working with Direct Relief, The Vaseline® Healing Project provides dermatological care, Vaseline® Jelly and medical supplies needed to help restore the skin of people affected by poverty or emergencies around the world.

Our skin is the barrier between our bodies and the outside world, and the health of our skin is essential to our overall wellbeing. In tough circumstances, skin problems are common and can cause great discomfort, sometimes worsening to life-changing conditions if not addressed.

Our mission is to promote better skin health around the world, and to help restore the skin of 5 million people by 2020. We all deserve healthy, healed skin.

The Vaseline® Healing Project around the world

The Vaseline® Healing Project operates product donation programmes, training courses and medical missions around the world.

World Map

See the Healing Project in action

Through the Vaseline® Healing Project we have helped heal the skin of

4,309,137 people

Our target is to help 5,000,000 people affected by poverty or emergencies by 2020.

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